Cyber Ranges

ICSI Cyber ranges are connected to a simulated Internet level environment and are interactive, simulated versions of an organization’s local network, system, tools, and applications. They offer a safe and legal place to practice developing cyber skills.

With 24/7 remote access to a virtual lab and realistic simulations of the internet, systems, applications, and devices, you may train and hone your abilities at your own pace.



  • Cyber Ranges are able to offer performance-based instruction and evaluation. 
  • Create a virtual setting where teams can cooperate in order to strengthen cooperation and team capabilities.
  • Give instantaneous feedback simulate working conditions.
  • Create an atmosphere where teams may collaborate to address challenging cyber problems.


  • Cyber ranges are used by professionals from a variety of fields, including information technology, cybersecurity, law enforcement, incident handlers, continuity of operations, and others, to enhance knowledge and skills on an individual and team level.
  • Cyber ranges allow students to practise applying their knowledge in a virtual network environment, build their cyber abilities, collaborate on cyber problems, and get ready for cyber credentialing exams.
  • Teachers can instruct or evaluate pupils remotely using cyber ranges as a classroom aid.
  • Cyber ranges are used by organisations to assess their cyber capacity, test new protocols, familiarise their staff with new organisational and technical environments and protocols before introducing them to the organisational environment, and enhance employee skills.

  • Cyber ranges are virtual settings that, when necessary, make use of real network hardware. They can range from solitary, stand-alone ranges inside a single building or organisation to globally accessible, internet-replicating ranges. Private and public organisations, as well as students in the classroom or online from training and education providers, may employ cyber ranges internally.
  • Government, private industry, and academic institutions all make use of and offer cyber ranges.

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