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Find out why choosing a CREST accredited training provider is important

Whether we’re shopping for foodstuffs in a supermarket or buying a smartphone, yes, the price might be the first thing we check, but most of us rarely stop there. We look at the labels and ingredients of edibles and ask about technical specifications of any devices. In fact, after we take a closer look at the details, we often find that a somewhat higher priced item might actually offer more value.

Choosing a training provider works in the same way. You’ll shop around for prices, but at some point you’ll read reviews and check for indicators of quality. This is particularly critical in the field of cyber security training. Why? It’s logical: the demand for training is increasing as the threat of online fraud continues to grow, and training providers are sprouting everywhere to try and grab a piece of the pie.

Check out the CREST Approved Training Provider Scheme

CREST is an international, not-for-profit accreditation and certification body that represents and supports the technical information security market. In practice that means that when CREST talks, organisations and individuals listen. CREST accreditation tells you that the training provider that holds it is approved for the delivery of training courses covering penetration testing, cyber incident response, threat intelligence and Security Operations Centre services.

While CREST does not examine the course content itself, it audits the training provider in terms of quality procedures, data handling, and course review criteria. Content is signed off by professionals holding the same or higher qualifications, after confirming that the content covers part or all of the CREST syllabus and will therefore help anyone studying towards CREST exams.

CREST and more

Given the above and CREST’s reputation, holding CREST accreditation is certainly an asset to any training provider in the field. ICSI is therefore proud to be listed among CREST’s accredited member companies – but does not rest on these laurels!

Operating in a competitive environment means that neither price nor accreditation alone can do magic. A successful training provider has to deliver the whole package that will serve prospective students. In the case of ICSI that package includes:

  • UK registered company
  • CREST accreditation
  • A set of NCSC accredited courses
  • MasterPath programme as a steppingstone to a university degree from the University of Central Lancashire, UK
  • CYBERAWARE SECURITY comprehensive security awareness platform for businesses
  • 100% online study options to fit into any schedule and from any location
  • 24-hour lab for practical training with real-world scenarios
  • Pricing options for both individuals and corporate clients
  • Outstanding client service and support

The combination of quality content, certified procedures, balanced practical and theoretical training, remote study, affordable subscription rates, and prompt reply to customer enquiries makes ICSI a training provider that can jumpstart your career in cyber security.

For more details regarding ICSI’s CREST Bootcamp, please click here.

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