All the tools you need to beat cyber crime and maintain security within your organisation

Protecting your organisation against cyber attacks requires a team effort. But in order to participate in this effort, every computer user has to be aware of the danger, recognise the potential threats, and know how to deal with them.

The management, on the other hand, is responsible for formulating cyber security policies and providing the necessary staff training, as well as ensuring and monitoring the implementation of the in-house policies.

ICSI Security Awareness helps you do just that. Our total and ongoing four-step solution provides the tools that you need to help computer users and management work together to keep your digital information safe from unauthorised access and abuse.

Here’s how it works:


Non-technical and user-friendly training modules are designed to raise awareness across all levels within your organisation, while providing insight into the most widespread risks and hazards.


Theory is important, but practise is crucial. Our simulated and controlled attacks will train your staff and help them recognise red flags that will alert them to potential dangers, and show them how to respond to avert any breaches.


Every user’s response to the quiz section of each training module as well as to our simulated attacks is documented and analysed, to help you pinpoint weaknesses.​


Once weaknesses and knowledge gaps are identified, they can be eliminated by restarting the cycle with further training. Our consolidated reporting will point you in the right direction.​

Ultimately ICSI Security Awareness will help you establish and reinforce a strong culture of digital security, as good practices among all computer users become second nature.

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