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Have a look at how our MasterPath Cybersecurity Bootcamp prepares IT professionals for a role in digital security.

You hear it all the time: a company’s human resources are its greatest asset. That’s because employers invest so much in them – from salaries and benefits, to working space and equipment. That in turn is why competent recruitment is so important. You need to make sure that the candidate you choose will be in a position to offer your company as much as possible, as soon as possible, and for as long as possible.


01Accredited courses

Holders of the MasterPath Cybersecurity Bootcamp certificate have successfully completed the three accredited courses with the corresponding exams. The programme includes industry approved and university accredited courses.

02Hands on labs

To prepare our bootcamp participants for immediate contribution to their employers, we provide both theoretical knowledge and practical training.
During the course, bootcamp participants have unlimited access to our cybersecurity training labs, which challenge and train them to find effective solutions to problems simulating real-life scenarios.

03Practical and proctored exams

We do not simply issue participation certificates. The MasterPath Cybersecurity certificate is granted only after participants successfully complete the curriculum and pass the exams for all the courses.

Matching the course content, our exams test participants to assess both their understanding of theoretical principles and their ability to deal with real-life issues related to cybersecurity and potential data breaches. All exams are taken in our assigned exam centres with strict security measures and under supervision.

04Updated content and lifelong learning

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field. Our courses are regularly updated to reflect the current methods that cyber criminals use to deceive people and take advantage of human vulnerabilities to execute their attacks. At the same time, we also present the latest technical solutions to protect your data, preempt an attack, identify a breach, and manage it in the best possible way.

In addition, our participants are encouraged to maintain an interest in the field and expand their knowledge and expertise by taking related supplementary courses provided by ICSI that will reinforce their role as cybersecurity specialists. By sponsoring further training, employers can ultimately maximize their team members’ performance and make the most of their human resources.


ICSI MasterPath Cybersecurity Bootcamp prepares IT professionals for a role in digital security.

The programme includes industry approved and university accredited courses.
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