ICSI Courses

Our industry approved and university accredited courses offer prospective employers the assurance that your professional qualifications meet the highest standards.

Why choose the ICSI Courses?

ICSI’s strength lies in the accredited courses that are delivered both online and offline by practicing and specialized experts in cybersecurity. Our core programmes have earned accreditation from CREST and NCSC, two independent UK bodies that are recognized around the world. Furthermore, our courses are accredited by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), UK.
MSc Cybersecurity

ICSI | Cyberaware Certified User

No technical knowledge or background is required for this course which is particularly recommended for companies and organizations. All staff members who use computers, mobile devices, networks and the internet will learn how to apply good technology practices that will maximize online security.

ICSI | Cybersecurity Essentials

This course teaches the basics regarding Information Security, including a holistic view of modern network security, operating system hardening, firewalls, Encryption, Application Security, Incident Response and Recovery. There are no special prerequisites for you to meet to successfully start this course.

ICSI | Certified Penetration Tester

This course teaches penetration testing and will illustrate how to think like an attacker and use industry standard tools to perform penetration testing. Students will learn and perform the different phases of penetration testing assessments. The students will also learn to report the results of their assessments.

ICSI | Certified Web Penetration Tester

This course is based on OWASP Top Ten and is designed to educate those who develop, administer and secure web applications about the most common web application security vulnerabilities, the potential impact of exploiting these weaknesses and basic approaches to mitigating web application security risks.

ICSI | Certified Digital Forensics Examiner

This course provides a holistic view of how Digital Forensics is implemented in the real world, including Incident Response preparation, acquiring and analyzing digital forensic images and analyzing host and network data. Malware analysis, Threat intelligence and report creation are also included.

ICSI | Certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementer

The purpose of the ISO 27001 course is to provide people involved with ISO 27001 and information security management with appropriate knowledge of the contents and high level requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, and an understanding how the standard operates in a typical organisation.

Accredited certification

Our core courses lead to qualifications that have been accredited by the UK’s leading certification bodies, CREST and NCSC, and are therefore recognized worldwide.
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