All the tools you need to beat cyber crime and maintain security within your organisation



Protecting your organisation against cyber attacks requires a team effort. But in order to participate in this effort, every computer user has to be aware of the danger, recognise the potential threats, and know how to deal with them.

Risk Audit

Make sure you invest your valuable security resources exactly where they’re needed

Security awareness training

Offer your team members exactly what they need. No more, no less.

Phishing simulations

Simulated phishing attacks, Because practice makes perfect

Managed security services

Tailored to your business environment and company configuration

Based on a continuous flow of campaigns

Able to identify the weaknesses and any leaks, and where they occurred

Designed to track and score performance

Optimised periodically

Pricing and features

We want you to know exactly what you are paying for, and how you can pay for it. Check out our affordable subscription offers.

Ultimately ICSI Security Awareness will help you establish and reinforce a strong culture of digital security, as good practices among all computer users become second nature.

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