Phishing simulations

Simulated phishing attacks, Because practice makes perfect

Very few people today don’t know what the term ‘phishing’ means. And yet, so many users in private and public organisations still fall victim to such attacks and are tricked into revealing sensitive information. It’s a classic illustration of the huge gap between knowing something in theory, and actually applying this knowledge in practice. And that’s the problem that simulated attacks will solve: By exposing all the computer users in your organisation to a series of simulated phishing attacks, we will help you identify awareness and knowledge gaps, in order to fill them.

What will our phishing simulation help you achieve?

Correct response to phishing attempts

Simulated phishing campaigns will train your staff to recognize the tell-tale signs of real phishing emails, and help users exercise the correct response, as explained in our security awareness modules. By practicing the correct response to our simulated attacks, they will soon be perfectly prepared to avoid and eliminate the threats of real and damaging phishing attempts that could lead to a serious data breach within your organisation.

Awareness of new and changing phishing styles

Cyber criminals are continuously changing their tactics – and our cyber security professionals keep a close eye on them to follow their moves. That is why it is important to stay up-to-date through periodical training and modified simulations that take such changes into account, and to beware of phishing attempts via email, sms, or even voicemail.

Understanding how phishing links work

Users will learn to recognize suspicious links that will lead to fake login pages designed to extract sensitive information and credentials, which will allow the criminals to conduct fraudulent actions. Other links can trigger downloads that will infect the user’s device and disrupt your organisation’s operation.

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