Managed security services

When you want expert security services, without the cost of a permanent in-house team

As cyber crime continues to increase around the world and across borders, the need for a clear and effective digital security programme within any organization that manages data is more than evident.

Our managed security services offer you the best of both worlds: ongoing services provided by specialised cyber security experts, without the cost associated with employing and training an in-house team. At the same time, this solutions allows you to dedicate your resources to your core business, safe in the knowledge that your security needs in our reliable hands.

Features of our managed security services

Contact us to discuss a solution that is

Tailored to your business environment and company configuration

Based on a continuous flow of campaigns

Able to identify the weaknesses and any leaks, and where they occurred

Designed to track and score performance

Optimised periodically

Elements of our managed security services
  1. Identifying the scope of your required training and campaign needs
  2. Establishing access to our proprietary platform
  3. Listing of all staff members who will be participating in our phishing simulations
  4. Creating campaigns that are tailored to your sector and business environment
  5. Internal testing of a pilot campaign before approving and releasing it across your organization
  6. Launching of training and/or phishing campaigns, as agreed
  7. Analysis and reporting on campaign results
  8. Assessment of progress and adapting each new campaign accordingly
  9. Providing ongoing trouble-shooting and email support

The result?

Within a short period of time, you will see the first results: Individual users as well as your staff collectively will be able to actively participate in protecting your organization against cyber crime.

It’s the most effective way to identify the weakest link within your company, strengthen it through knowledge and practice, and minimise the risk of a security breach.

Ultimately the goal is to raise the security awareness maturity level within your organisation, one training programme at a time, one campaign at a time.

Our registered and postal address is:
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