Change Your Life With A MasterPath Certificate in Cybersecurity Scholarship
Get up to 70% Scholarship

Your pathway to a UK recognized degree in MSc Cybersecurity

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Applicants must be African students.
  3. Annual income must be under GBP15,000.
  4. Background in information technology and/or cybersecurity is recommended.


To apply for the MasterPath Bootacamp Scholarship please follow the below steps:

Step 1:  Fill out the ICSI | MasterPath Bootacamp Scholarship application form below

Step 2: Pay the GBP 5 – online verification fee, so we can confirm your identity

Step 3: You will be required to support Step 2 with an online identity verification at no extra charge

Your application will be reviewed by our admissions team , Upon acceptance you can register for the MasterPath Certificate course. You will need to pay 12 monthly instalments of GBP 74 (12 x £74). Scholarship value is 70% from the original price.

For any questions please email

Step 1: Fill the ICSI | MasterPath in Cybersecurity Bootcamp Scholarship Application - Step 1 of 3
By submitting this from I acknowledge that ICSI will collect and process information relating to me in accordance with the company Privacy Policy - and agree to be contacted in relation to my enquiry.
My experience at ICSI was very rewarding. I enrolled for a MasterPath Certificate CyberSecurity in June 2020. I started with the Penetration Testing certification (CPT) with one-to-one support and lecture videos. I was able to practice what I learnt using the CPT and CDFE Labs which were accessible 24/7. I also completed my certification in ISO27001 Lead Implementer and Digital Forensics which contributed greatly to my career growth as an Information Security Auditor at KPMG. The response time from the ICSI support is at another level, I call it an electrical response.
Kingsley Chinyama
My experience with ICSI has been extremely rewarding. I enrolled with ICSI in May, 2021 for a MasterPath Certificate in cybersecurity. The course curriculum is enriching, practical and full of relevant content applicable in today’s ever evolving digital world. The practical exercises involve hands on labs, which allowed me to master cybersecurity skills. In addition, ICSI provides one on one classes, available for booking, with an ICSI instructor whenever I needed more articulation about the course content .After finishing the CPT and CDFE courses, I managed to secure a job as a tier one Security Operations Center Analyst. I’m so grateful to ICSI for providing me with the great opportunity to kick start my career in cybersecurity.
Arnold Ganga
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