Partner with us

To bring the high-value accredited ICSI programmes to the global public, ICSI is always interested in forging new partnerships with both the industry and academic institutions.

Educational resellers

Education resellers who recognise the demand for trained cybersecurity professionals around the world will value ICSI’s blended/online training portfolio which includes a series of industry accredited courses and our ICSI MasterPath Bootcamp, which can serve as the foundation for an MSc Degree in Cybersecurity from the University of Central Lancashire in the UK.

Security Awareness resellers

Education resellers may also choose to partner with us to distribute our end-to-end security awareness platform, either on its own or in addition to the training courses. This platform provides an important step-by-step approach to building and reinforcing a corporate culture of digital security awareness across all organisational levels.

After receiving our online training, our resellers will enjoy the benefits of an additional revenue stream in a field that is not only here to stay, but is growing steadily.

Academic partners

Although the need for cybersecurity is widely acknowledged and the demand is multiplying steadily, the message we receive from our partners in the industry is that there is a shortage of graduates who have the practical training that allows them to step into their role within a cybersecurity team from day one.

ICSI fills this gap by taking a more empirical approach to learning and focusing on hands-on training in specialised hosted labs that simulate real-life security scenarios. By integrating our ICSI MasterPath in Cybersecurity Bootcamp in your academic programme, you can make your offerings more desirable and your university more competitive.

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