Risk audit

Exposure index

Make sure you invest your valuable security resources exactly where they’re needed

When it comes to data security, every company and every IT department wants the same thing: to minimise the threats and risks of a data breach within their organisation. And there are many tools out there that can help you take random or short-term measures.

Our approach is different. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools today, educate your team for tomorrow, and create a culture of security awareness within your company that will last indefinitely.

At the same time, we want to help you optimise the way you apply your valuable security resources. How? By offering you the benefits of our risk audits and the Exposure Index calculator.

A powerful formula

The Exposure Index is calculated using three variables:

Training results

These results combine a user’s performance in our cyber security awareness training courses, together with the reports from our phishing simulation and other customized campaigns.

Deep search

Our in-depth search capacity will craw the dark web to determine whether any of your users’ data has already been exposed or abused. The detailed outcome of the search will determine the nature of the required remedy.

Management level

Every member within the organisation is classified into one of four management categories:

  • Non-managerial level
  • 1st line management level
  • Mid-management level
  • Senior management or executive level
The higher the level, the greater the Exposure Index and the damage in the case of a data breach.

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