Security awareness training

Offer your team members exactly what they need.
No more, no less.

Cyber security is a vast and growing field of expertise that can easily overwhelm non-technical computer users. Our NCSC certified training courses are grouped into categories, to create different security awareness training programmes that match different roles within an organisation, giving users the breadth and depth of knowledge and practice they need in their everyday work – no more, no less.

In so doing, we can maximize the benefit of our courses: increased awareness, greater knowledge, and the practical application of good data security practices as a matter of routine.

The management, on the other hand, is responsible for formulating cyber security policies and providing the necessary staff training, as well as ensuring and monitoring the implementation of the in-house policies. This not only nurtures a culture of data security within your company, but also makes it easier to monitor and control compliance with national or international regulations. Most importantly, it protects you against highly damaging and potentially costly data breaches.

Security Awareness Training

Non-technical and user-friendly training modules are designed to raise awareness across all levels within your organisation, while providing insight into the most widespread risks and hazards. 

Which training category do you need?

Depending on the size and complexity of your organisation, you might need ALL our training courses. This breakdown will help you match users’ needs with their roles and responsibilities.


Start off with a basic, easy-to-grasp understanding of what cyber security is, why it is necessary, and how every member of your staff can and must help protect your organisation against cyber crimes.

Compliance & Governance

A set of more specialised courses related to data privacy awareness – such as our GDPR Awareness course – ensure compliance with specific regulations. These assume that users are familiar with the essentials.

Leaders Training

This periodically updated and enriched set of courses is designed for Managers and Executives. In addition to understanding the essentials, users in leadership positions must also have a policy-oriented awareness of data privacy risks and requirements.

Tech Training​

IT staff and developers are the bridge between the management and the frontline users. They must be aware of the latest tools in the field, in order to achieve the practical and effective implementation of the company’s policies.

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