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Our industry and university accredited courses serve the industry in two ways: by offering IT professionals specialised training in the field, and by helping companies build a corporate culture of security awareness across all organisational levels.


Our greatest reward is hearing back from our students who are reaping the real-life benefits of the courses we offer.

Great study material CPSA/CRT
-Benn Gibb

Great study material for CPSA, and great online labs for the CRT exam which are very helpful when practicing practical tasks. Very handy to have 24/7 access for the material so that you can use it anytime. Would recommended to to anyone taking the CPSA and CRT exams as it puts you on the right path to passing.

Flexible Learning Options

Live Online

Interactive online sessions for a limited number of registered participants. Webinar format with shared screen and webcam option.


Self-paced modules that are completed online, at the learner’s own pace.


Classroom Courses

Face-to-face courses at a fixed location, at designated times and for a pre-set course duration.

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