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Our Mission

We believe in a holistic approach to cyber security, where both technical staff and non-technical users have a role to play. We provide technical staff with the theoretical knowledge and practical training they need to fortify their organisations against cyber attacks, whilst equipping non-technical users with the security awareness and education they need to protect themselves from cyber criminals. Finally, we strive to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date cyber security service to ensure that organisations and individuals alike can remain secure in the digital age.

Our Team

We are a forward-thinking technology company, driven by our passion to help protect people and businesses from cybercrime. To bridge the gap between academic theory and practical cyber security knowledge, we founded the International CyberSecurity Institute (ICSI) to provide certified training and education to professionals. Our commitment to never-ending improvement drives us to develop the most cutting-edge and innovative security solutions to help keep the world safe.


Our core programmes have earned accreditation from CREST, furthermore, our courses are accredited by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), UK.

Serving the industry

As cyber crimes continue to undermine organisations from commercial businesses to health care institutions, there is a growing need in the industry for professionals who can step into that role to help minimise the exposure and control any potential damage.

Serving the individual

In a job market that is tight and competitive, there is one field where demand is still greater than supply – and that is the field of cybersecurity. Our programmes are designed to help young IT graduates as well as mature professionals capitalise on this market niche in order to start a promising career or advance along their current path.

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