The Company

The UK registered and accredited International CyberSecurity Institute (ICSI), an ISO 27001 certified cybersecurity education firm,was created in response to two distinct demands in the market. On the one hand, although cybersecurity is an important issue of growing concern, there is a shortage of qualified professionals. On the other hand, academic qualifications provided by universities are often more focused on theoretical knowledge rather than practical, hands-on training.

ICSI’s strength lies in the accredited courses that are delivered both online and offline by practicing and specialized experts in cybersecurity. Our core programmes have earned accreditation from CREST and NCSC, two independent UK bodies that are recognized around the world. Furthermore, our courses are accredited by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), UK.

ICSI (International CyberSecurity Institute) is based in Milton Keynes, 80km northwest of London.

Our Mission

Technical staff need theoretical knowledge and practical training to fortify an organisation against cyber crimes. Non-technical users need a solid foundation in security awareness to avoid falling into the criminals’ traps.

We provide both.

Serving the industry

As cyber crimes continue to undermine organisations from commercial businesses to health care institutions, there is a growing need in the industry for professionals who can step into that role to help minimise the exposure and control any potential damage.

Yes, your networks can be protected in many ways. But the truth is that the weakest link in your security infrastructure is the human factor, your average computer users’ vulnerability, which is being targeted systematically by sharp criminal minds.

Our industry and university accredited courses serve the industry in two ways: By offering IT professionals specialized training in the field, and by helping companies build a corporate culture of security awareness across all organisational levels.

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Serving the individual

In a job market that is tight and competitive, there is one field where demand is still greater than supply – and that is the field of cybersecurity. Our programmes are designed to help young IT graduates as well as mature professionals capitalise on this market niche in order to start a promising career or advance along their current path.

Our accredited certifications can be pursued online and at your own pace, while our Bootcamp training offers you a more intensive live learning option that leads to a recognised qualification which is also the first step towards a UK Masters’ Degree in Cybersecurity.

One-on-one online support gives you valuable personal attention, while a package of career services prepare you for the next step in your professional development.

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Three compelling reasons to choose ICSI

Accredited certification

Our core courses lead to qualifications that have been accredited by the UK’s leading certification bodies, CREST and NSCS, and are therefore recognized worldwide.

Security awareness

We’ll help you create and nurture a corporate culture of data security awareness, to eliminate the weakest link in the security chain... the human factor.

Career advancement

Career services from professional CV, to online profile and job interview coaching, our career services are designed to prepare you for the next step in your career development.


If you have a passion for cybersecurity and have both the credentials and the ambition to join our team of qualified and experienced trainers, we would be happy to hear from you.

Send us the details of your professional background and contact information so we can get in touch with you for a preliminary exchange.

For more information please email careers@icsiglobal.com

Our registered and postal address is:
The Pinnacle, Office 203, 170 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1BP

ICSI LTD is registered in England No. 8680530