Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

The groundwork for successful open source research and investigations is laid out in this 3 day training course . You'll learn how to assess your information needs, manage them, and turn them into a thorough collection strategy. From there, you will learn how to automate the gathering of information from websites and social media platforms, freeing up more time for reading and thought.

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Introduction to OSINT
The varieties of OSINT (online, offline, etc.)
The benefits and limitations of OSINT
Strategic and operational dimensions of OSINT
The Lean Intelligence Methodology
Legal and ethical constraints

Managing Requirements
Working with intelligence customers
Identifying collection requirements
The Key Intelligence Topics (KITs) process
Collection planning: tools and frameworks
Establishing a keyword index

Prepping Your Browser
Configuring your privacy settings
Configuring your search settings
Essential OSINT tools and extensions
OSINT tools management

Automating OSINT Collection I
Working with data aggregators
Generating data from news sources
Generating data from academic resources
Generating data from foreign language sources

Automating OSINT Collection II
Generating data from the blogosphere
Generating data from social media platforms
Expanding your source base: best practices
Feed management: tips and best practices
Indexing and sharing your OSINT sources

Searching the Web
Contemporary search challenges
Foundational search strategies
Recommended search engines
Working with search operators
Constructing complex search queries
Enhancing productivity through search extensions
Working with foreign language content
Automating search queries

Effective Data Management and Exploitation
Data management tools and techniques
Analysis through data collation and synthesis
The pre-analysis checklist

Privacy and Security for OSINT Practitioners
Understanding the threat landscape
Managing your digital footprint
Choosing the appropriate level of security

Privacy and Security Tools
Securing your user accounts
Secure searching and browsing
Working with privacy-enhancing search engines
Working with VPNs
Working with password managers

Audience Profile

This course is intended for anyone engaged in open source research, including journalists, investigators and OSINT practitioners wishing to consolidate their skills before taking on more challenging courses.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and manage your intelligence needs
  • Use the Lean Intelligence methodology to enhance your performance at work
  • Automate the collection of data using a custom monitoring solution
  • Improve the quality, accuracy and relevance of your search results
  • Organise data to support effective collection and analysis
  • Manage your digital footprint for improved privacy and security
  • Practice OSINT legally and ethically

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