Certified Dark Web Analyst

This course will prepare the student to understand the Dark Web, adopt protective practices for accessing Dark Networks, and find the places where ongoing attack discussions are unfolding in real time. Beyond navigation, the student will learn to use relevant tools to discover and gain entry to otherwise closed sessions. In addition, students will learn how to establish private and anonymous technologies to enhance their own efforts to conduct research and investigation.

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Module 1: Fundamentals of IT Security

A walkthrough of fundamental IT and risk concepts and foundations as applied to the Dark Web

Module 2:  Governance, Risk, and Compliance

An exploration of organizational concepts, risk management, and legal/regulatory concerns.

Module 3:  History of the Internet, Deep Web, and Dark Web

A historical account of modern networking and the origins and definitions of the Web

Module 4: Networking and Routing

A technical account of modern networking and the role of TOR and Dark Net infrastructure.

Module 5: Anonymity, Content, and You

A discussion and explanation of technical and organizational implications for anonymity.

Module 6: Data Discovery and Analytics on the Dark Web

A high-level framework of analysis including GRC implications and security recommendations.

Audience Profile

  • Security professionals who want to fill the gaps in their understanding of technical information security
  • Managers who want to understand information security beyond simple terminology and concepts
  • IT engineers and supervisors who need to know how to build a defensible network against Dark Web attacks
  • Administrators responsible for building and maintaining systems that are being targeted by attackers
  • Forensics Specialists, penetration testers, and auditors need a solid foundation of Dark Web security principles to be as effective as possible at their jobs
  • IT executives and management personnel involved in formulating business continuity and regulatory requirement plans for the protection of the enterprise


The material is presented at an intermediate to advanced technical level while providing a cursory review of IT security and privacy fundamentals. Experience with and knowledge of security concepts, operating systems, and application systems will help you get a full understanding of the challenges that you will face as a Dark Web security professional.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the access protocols and security requirements of the Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web.
  • Utilize the exclusive Dark Web Council Privacy and Anonymity Matrix®
  • Determine methods of accessing Dark Web websites utilizing TOR based anonymity
  • Understand the Dark Web Council Information Discovery Framework® (IDF)
  • Determine the proper use of markers to generate needles and haystacks for Dark Web information analysis
  • Create a digital wallet and understand the use of crypto currency on the Dark Web
  • Create a Dark Web persona and identity to freely access anonymous websites

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