• Course: ICSI | CIL Certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementer

    5 Days
    The ISO 27001 is the most acknowledged and globally recognized standard for implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) within any organization. The value of information assets and the importance of thoroughly securing them against today’s ever increasing threats, highlight the significance of developing and implementing effective and holistic security management systems.
  • ICSI | CDFE Digital Forensics, Incident Response and Threat Hunting

    5 Days
    In this course, we will discuss what Incident Response and Digital Forensics are, the legal implications they have and how they are structured. We will also perform various exercises on digital forensics tools in order to get a clear understanding of the technicality that digital forensics assumes.
  • ICSI | CPT Certified Penetration Tester

    5 Days
    This course is designed to teach how to perform penetration tests, how to think like an attacker and also demonstrates the tools needed to perform penetration testing. Students will learn and perform information gathering, target discovery and enumeration, vulnerability mapping, system exploitation including Windows Domain attacks, and Azure AD (Active Directory), privilege escalation and maintaining access to compromised systems with over 40 detailed hands-on labs.
  • ICSI | CSE CyberSecurity Essentials

    2 Days
    This course teaches the basics regarding Information Security, including a holistic view of modern network security, operating system hardening, firewalls, Encryption, Application Security, Incident Response and Recovery.
  • ICSI | CWPT Certified Web Penetration Tester

    3 Days
    Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top Ten is widely recognized as a powerful awareness document that represents a broad consensus among security experts about the most critical security risks to web applications. This course is designed to educate those who develop, administer and secure web applications about the most common web application security vulnerabilities, the potential impact of exploiting these weaknesses and basic approaches to mitigating web application security risks.
  • ICSI | CYBERAWARE Certified User

    1 Day
    No technical knowledge or background is required for this course which is particularly recommended for companies and organizations. All staff members who use computers, mobile devices, networks and the internet will learn how to apply good technology practices and everyday habits that will maximize online security and minimize risks.
  • ICSI | MasterPath Certificate in Cybersecurity

    1 Year Access
    The ICSI | MasterPath Certificate in Cybersecurity covers three training courses that balance theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on training. Successfully completing the programme will lead to the ICSI | MasterPath Certificate. This certificate combines three recognised professional qualifications and is at the same time a major step towards a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security from the University of Central Lancashire in the UK.
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing

    3 Days
    Mobile application penetration testing for Android and iOS is the main emphasis of this course. The course will provide a strong basis for continuing a career as a mobile application penetration tester by showcasing typical approaches to extract sensitive data from Android and iOS applications, including API Keys, stored secrets, and firebase databases. The common approaches and techniques you can use to launch bug bounty hunting mobile applications will be covered in this course.
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