ICSI partners with the National Museum of Computing in Milton Keynes UK

ICSI is proud to announce that it has partnered with the National Museum of Computing in Milton Keynes, UK. As a charity, the Museum relies heavily on partners who share their mission and interest in inspiring and educating the next generation of computer professionals.

Located on Bletchley Park – which is known as the centre of Allied code-breaking during the World War II – the National Museum of Computing is an independent charity, set up to offer insights into the history of computing. The museum houses a huge collection of historic computers including the world’s first electronic computer and the oldest working digital computer. Exhibits guide visitors through the development of computing, starting with the secret efforts of the 1940s all the way to the personal computers of 1980s.

However, the Museum is not merely a passive display of computing history. Indeed, at the core of its mission is the Museum’s commitment to the promotion of computer skills through its very successful Learning Programme designed for schools and colleges. Alongside active education, the Museum organises festivals, lectures and visitor activities. By supporting their efforts, ICSI is giving back to the community and the wider public.


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