Processes comprise the guidelines, protocols, and procedures that an organisation employs to guarantee the security of its information. This encompasses various components such as risk assessments, access control, incident response plans, security evaluations, and legal compliance. Process-based measures aim to establish consistent and standardised procedures for effectively managing security risks and responding to incidents.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

The risk assessment process is grounded in the NIST and ISO 27001 Cybersecurity Frameworks, which are globally acknowledged. Assessments are intended to serve as a reference for organisations seeking to improve their readiness for recognising, detecting, and addressing security threats—both inside and outside the network.

Cybersecurity Technical Analysis

In order to rapidly provide a comprehensive overview of your present cyber-risk exposure, cybersecurity technical analysis is an ideal solution. Aspects such as endpoint health, user risk, and dark web exposure are documented in pre-built executive and tactical reports containing the findings.



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